Welcome to Rocky Hollow!
Athens, Alabama

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   Welcome to Rocky Hollow in Athens, Alabama! We are a minifarm located in a hidden hollow at the end of a country road. In addition to a small herd of Nigerian Dwarf goats kept for milk and companionship, we have two dogs, a flock of chickens and ducks, and several rabbits.

Around the Farm

   Our Nigerian Dwarf goats are purebred, registered with AGS and/or NDGA. We are trying to promote Nigerian dwarfs as the wonderful little dairy goats they are. We plan to concentrate on breeding for dairy ability, hardiness, ease of kidding, and polled goats.
    We got into goats for the milk, but they are more like pets. Our goats are gentle, well-behaved (well, most of the time!) and affectionate.
    All kids born on our farm are dam-raised. They are handled, cuddled, and played with from day 1 so they grow up very friendly - friendly enough to play King of the Mountain on your lap!

   We have a flock of 13 laying and setting hens, a gorgeous Buff rooster named El Dorado, and a pair of ducks.

   We have purebred New Zealand rabbits in several colors, as well as a few non-purebred mini rex rabbits.

   We have two happy-go-lucky dogs: a Husky/Lab mix named Arthur and a golden Lab/Aussie mix named Charlie. Their job is to catch rats, guard the farm, and enjoy themselves!


American Goat Society
Nigerian Dwarf Goat Association
American Dairy Goat Association

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